In the beginning, Edgewater was just composed of a few saloons resting on the edge of Sloans Lake.  The lake itself, has an unusual beginning.  In the early 1860's, the land office survey maps did not show any lakes in the area.  A homesteader, Mr. Sloan, acquired a tract of land and began digging for a well.  He unexpectedly tapped into an underground spring which flooded the plain and formed Sloans Lake.

A more recent addition to the community is the Edgewater Inn. This small restaurant is one of the highlights of the town.  The Inn, most famous for its pizza and family atmosphere, has graced the neighborhood for many years.  The founders, Ben and Josephine Di Pietro, started the business back in 1953.  The Inn, now located on the corner of 25th and Ames ( Ben Di Pietro Way) was initially located in the building due west or its current address.  In 1956 the old post office went up for sale and Ben and Jo jumped at their chance.  The Di Pietro's purchased the building and began their work.  They soon realized they wanted to turn the 3.2 bar into a fully functional bar / restaurant.  To accomplish this task many hours of hard labor and foot work were needed.  Ben and Jo had to petition everyone in the neighborhood.  This required them to ask every household in Edgewater if they were in favor of having a local bar.  This was quite a grueling task, but in the end Ben and Jo did in fact succeed in getting enough signatures and the Edgewater Inn was born.